Wedding Picture Ideas: The Essential Guide to Couple Poses

By on January 8, 2013

For many couples, being in the spotlight isn’t something they’re used to, and even the most basic wedding pictures ideas and poses seem a little uncomfortable. If you, or your partner, feel awkward in front of the camera, a good idea is to go over key poses ahead of time, that way, when the cameraman has his lens pointed at you, you won’t freeze up. Here are some of the best wedding picture ideas for couple photo shoots that are sure to make you both look natural and in love.

Wedding Picture Ideas: The Essential Guide to Couple Poses

Wedding Picture Ideas:

  1. Have the bride and groom get really close, with their heads nearly touching, as they face the camera. The bride should put her hand on her husband’s chest and they should each smile sweetly.
  2. Have the couple stand towards each other, with their foreheads touching as they look down slightly down. Wedding picture ideas like this are great because couples can add their own personality to the shot. They can laugh, touch their partner’s face, or just subtly smile.
  3. One of the best wedding picture ideas, especially for a bride who is self conscious in photos, is to have the bride go behind the groom and wrap her arms around his shoulders as they both smile and look forward or slightly towards each other. This is a great angle for both partners, and really showcases the faces of the newlyweds.
  4. Holding hands is another one of the classic wedding picture ideas couples can do in a variety of different poses. Couples can hold hand with their back to the camera, or hold hands and face each other, either smiling or kissing.
  5. For fun and exciting wedding picture ideas, have the groom carry the bride, either on his back, piggy-back style, or cradled in his arms, or lifted against his chest with her legs bend and toes pointed.
  6. One of the trickiest wedding picture ideas to get right is the walking pose, usually taken from behind as the couple hold hands. Many times the pair will look awkward, depending on how their legs are positioned, but after several tries and a slow natural walking pace, couples will be sure to get a great shot.
  7. Let’s face it, brides are the center of attention of their wedding day, so lots of great wedding picture ideas come from showcasing the bride. Have the bride look straight at the camera while the groom kisses her or looks lovingly at her, and her smiling face will light up the shot as her groom makes the photo seem genuine and full of love.
  8. The ultimate pose, that all couples will do naturally, is a kiss. This is always an intimate and moving photo because the couple get to connect in a loving and personal way.

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