Top 3 Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget

By on November 18, 2012

If you are looking for fall wedding ideas on a budget then you have definitely come to the right place. There is nothing more beautiful than the colours of fall and the fact that it is still warm enough to get married outside. Here are three of the best wedding ideas for your fall wedding, on a budget!

1) Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget: Breathtaking Backdrop

Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget
The most popular fall wedding ideas on a budget feature breathtaking backdrops.

Those who live in warmer climates will still enjoy the temperatures during fall and so may be planning an outdoor wedding. There is something spectacular about the oranges, reds and yellows that fall brings which is why you can guarantee a gorgeous background to your wedding outside.
A trip to the park after the ceremony, to walk through the beautiful scenery will not cost you a penny whilst making the most of your fall wedding.

If you are unsure whether you want the whole day to be out in the open, or are worried for rain, then book a venue where people can run inside if the air gets chilly.

2) Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget: Fall Food

Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget 2
Fall wedding ideas on a budget do not need to include the venue or ceremony, think about your food too!

For an excellent fall wedding idea on a budget, why not create seasonal themed food? Pumpkin soup will make for a great starter and finish off with a wedding cake decorated in a fall theme.
If you are on a really tight budget then just decorate your buffet tables with real leaves in amber colours, picked straight up from outdoors!

3) Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget: The Little Touches

Fall Wedding Ideas on a Budget 3
Some fall wedding ideas on a budget could just include the decorations or invitations.

The little touches make a big difference to your wedding day, especially if you are on a budget. Think about how your invitations look and if they tie in with your fall wedding theme. As well as invites there are decorations, flowers and even the centerpieces that can all have a recurring fall theme to them.

These three fall wedding ideas on a budget are just some of the most popular, although there are hundreds of quirky ideas out there too! Why not carve you and your partner’s initials into pumpkins to place around the reception? Or you could even provide shawls or umbrellas to keep your guests warm and dry!

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