Mother of groom dresses for winter weddings

By on March 14, 2013

When it comes to shopping for mother of groom dresses for winter weddings you will be simply spoilt for choice. Winter weddings tend to require more formal attire, so it is best to choose a traditional floor length dress. Here we will talk you through the key colours of the season and how to dress warmly for a winter wedding.

Mother of groom dressesYou can usually get away with wearing black mother of groom dresses at winter weddings, providing that the bride doesn’t mind!

Mother of groom dresses: colours

For winter wedding ceremonies you should avoid mother of groom dresses in bold colours as these are more appropriate for the summer. Instead opt for lighter hues or traditional colours like navy, burgundy and purple. Many mother of groom dresses are available in black, which can look particularly chic and stylish. If you are considering wearing black it is best to check that the bride doesn’t mind, as black is traditionally associated with mourning.

If you like to wear the latest trends then it has been forecast that deep pink, blue, silver, jade and purple will all be on-trend colours for winter 2013 formal wear.

Keeping warm

Some say we should suffer for fashion, but there is nothing worse than being freezing cold when you are trying to enjoy yourself! Rather than risking catching a cold whilst the wedding photos are being taken outside, why not purchase warming winter accessories to go with mother of groom dresses? Opt for a dress that comes with a matching jacket for daytime weddings, or for evening ceremonies a faux fur shawl or bolero can look truly stunning. Not only will you look utterly stylish but you will keep yourself feeling warm and cosy.

Most mother of the groom dresses for winter are made from heavier fabrics like wool blends, jersey fabrics and polyester, which will also help to keep you warm.

You will find mother of groom dresses for winter on the high street, online and at bridal boutiques ensuring a wide range of choice to suit all budgets.

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