Hippie wedding dresses

By on November 17, 2012

Many brides look forward to dressing up on their wedding day, wearing princess style ball gowns, long trains and lavish jewellery. However this is not everyone’s idea of a perfect dress. Many brides prefer the look of laidback hippie wedding dresses. If you and your partner are hoping for a unique, alternative wedding, a hippy or bohemian celebration may be perfect for you.

Hippie wedding dress styles

Hippie wedding dresses have character and charm, usually made from soft romantic materials which give off a relaxed, ethereal feel. Although you can go for a traditional white dress, many bohemian brides choose off white, or other soft hues like ivory, cream or even nude. Many brides-to-be planning hippie weddings choose to make their dress themselves using soft French lace, silk and floral embellishments, for a truly unique look. Some brides choose to go bare foot to be at one with nature and complete their wedding outfit by threading flowers into their braided hair, or weaving them into a crown.

Hippy wedding dresses

Hippy wedding dresses are usually white and have an ethereal feel to them

Practical dresses

Bohemian weddings often take place outside so it is important that hippie wedding dresses are both comfortable and practical to wear. Many brides choose maxi style dresses made from soft flowing materials, embodying vintage charm and embracing true individuality. Nature and the outdoors usually play a part in hippie weddings, where couples wish to celebrate a ‘free spirit’ way of life.

Hippie wedding dresses come in many colours and styles so it is important to find the perfect one for you and your wedding. If you are looking for inspiration for your bohemian or hippie wedding, seek out images of Kate Moss’ wedding which took place earlier this year. The supermodel married Jamie Hince during a bohemian inspired ceremony. Kate wore a vintage-inspired hippie wedding dress which featured gold beading and nature-inspired applique.

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