Free Groom speech sample and Important Information for Wedding Speeches

By on December 10, 2012

Groom speech sample
It’s hard to know what to say in a wedding speech without some sort of inspiration. Reading entire wedding speeches can get overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you with key aspects of the speeches by offering a groom speech sample for the groom, the bride and groom together, and for the mother and father of the groom.

Groom speech sample
The first and most important part of the groom’s wedding speech is the thank you portion. Thank all the guests and be polite yet entertaining. The difficult part for most men is the sentimental aspect of the speech where they describe their love for their new wife. Use this groom speech sample to help you get started:

I first met (bride’s name) [Tell story of your first meeting].

When I decided I was going to propose I was so scared. [Tell the story of how you proposed].

I knew from the moment I met (bride’s name) I would marry her. [describe your love uses examples and cute habits you enjoy].

So here we are on the happiest day of our lives. I’d like to make a toast to my beautiful wife, and to many more happy days to come.

Bride and groom speech sample
The fun in bride and groom wedding speeches is that guests get to see a back and forth exchange with the new couple which is exciting. It’s more stressful because you’re relying on cues from each other and it sometimes seems too rehearsed, but here’s an example of what a good bride groom speech sample should look like:

We’d like to thank you all for being here [The bride says a special thank you to the groom’s side of the family, the groom says a special thanks to the bride’s side].

When we first met [The groom begins, then the bride humorously retells the story from her perspective].

When I proposed [Groom tells the story of the proposal] … and of course I said yes [Bride recounts her feels and suspicions about the proposal]

We’re so happy you could be here with us on this special day, so here’s a toast to you, our closest friends and family.

Mother groom speech
As the groom’s mother, it’s okay to be a bit more sentimental. Show your heartfelt support and try to offset the emotional moments with funny anecdotes. Thank the guests for coming and mention either the groom’s childhood or infancy. Try to get lots of “aw”s from the audience, a sweet story is just as entertaining as a humorous one.

Father groom speech sample
As the father of the groom, you represent the groom’s family. Welcome the bride and her family and include some advice to the new couple. As the father it’s important to keep the speech light and humorous. Here is a sample:

I am so honored to stand here today and see my son marry this beautiful and intelligent lady. [Thank guests, and the bride and her family]

I remember when (groom’s name) was born, I felt so thankful for a boy. [Tell relevant story of your son’s character].

Today, I am so thankful to see that young boy grow up. [Toast to the happy couple].

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