Free wedding program templates

By on December 9, 2012

wedding program templates
When you’re organizing a DIY wedding, sometimes starting some of the major tasks can seem daunting without a guide directing you through each step. But when it comes to wedding program templates, and many other DIY projects really, we at Wedding Legend would love to be your guide! Whether you use our basic wedding program templates or if you follow our helpful links to other free templates, we hope this information relieves some of your wedding stress.

Basic Wedding Program Templates, for a simple church wedding:

  • Prelude
    (song title)
  • Lighting of the Candles
  • Processional
    (song title)
  • Invocation
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Exchange of Rings
  • Presentation of the
  • Bride and Groom
  • Recessional
    (song title)
  • Wedding Party
  • Maid Of Honor
  • Bridesmaids
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen

Use this information in a Word document to make customized wedding program templates by altering the text to fit your ceremony. Play with font, size, and even insert images. When you like the way it looks, and you feel your wedding program has all the essentials, you can print it out. Usually two fit per page if the page layout is set to two columns. Then, cut or use a slicer to divide the page so all your programs are the size you want. Next, paste the program into your program cover. Martha Stewart provides a link for a simple template for a program cover, and Microsoft Office also offers a free template for a more stylized wedding program cover. All you have to do once you download the template you want is add your name or wedding date to the cover and print. Simply print the template out on card stock, fold it in half, and bind it with rayon cord.

Fan wedding program templates:

While traditional templates are great, fan wedding programs have become exceptionally popular at hot summer weddings. Fans will be so grateful for the creativity and the practicality of program fans, and here’s a great fan program template coming from that you can easily make yourself at home. Download the larger basic template, print, cut, and paste onto card stock.

These wedding program templates are short and sweet, but feel free to create your own template with more information. Some brides like to include poems, quotes, and even biographies in their wedding program templates. There’s no wrong way to make a wedding program, so use these as guidelines and find what works for you.

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