Buying fake engagement rings that look real

By on December 24, 2012

They may be known as a girl’s best friend, but diamonds are extremely expensive to buy which is why many people choose to wear fake engagement rings that look real instead! In the past it was considered traditional for a man to spend the equivalent of a months wage on his fiancés ring, but this is not as common in the present day. Today many couples like to discuss how much they should spend on an engagement ring and choose one together. Some couples choose to buy fake engagement rings that look real, rather than traditional diamond engagement rings as it saves them money which they can then spend on their honeymoon or things for their new house.

fake engagement rings that look real
Fake engagement rings that look real come in a variety of styles including the classic solitaire

Finding the best fake engagement rings

The best fake engagement rings often feature cubic zirconia stones. These are man-made stones which have been created to imitate real diamonds. They look absolutely stunning in a sterling silver setting and sparkle beautifully, just as diamonds do. Cubic zirconia engagement rings come in a range of different styles from solitaire, to modern and vintage.

Tips on choosing fake engagement rings that look real

Choosing fake engagement rings that look real is just as exciting and you will find that you are spoilt for choice when visiting jewellery stores. Many people choose to go for a classic solitaire ring which features a single stone. If you want people to think that your engagement ring features a real diamond, it is best to select a small to medium sized stone. Many fake engagement rings that look real are made from sterling silver as it is known for being both durable and beautiful. You can simply use a polishing cloth to restore its shine, ensuring it looks stunning on your finger at all times.

Remember just because you are wearing a fake diamond engagement ring, it does not mean it is of bad quality. Cubic zirconia rings are made to a high standard and look every bit as flawless as the real thing.

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