Canadian Wedding Traditions

By on October 29, 2012

Canadian wedding customs often vary depending on both region and religion, but there are a few unique Canadian wedding traditions which are incorporated into weddings throughout the country.

Buck and Doe
The Buck and Doe is a pre wedding celebration which is held to raise money for the bride and groom. Invites are sent out asking guests if they would like to buy tickets to the Buck and Doe dance. All of the money from the ticket sales goes towards paying for the wedding celebrations.

Trousseau Tea
The trousseau tea used to be an important part of Canadian wedding traditions, but over the years less people have been including it in their celebrations. It was traditionally a party hosted by the mother of the bride with her neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances, who were not invited to the actual wedding ceremony. The bride’s wedding gifts would be laid out for the guests to admire and it would give them a chance to offer their best wishes. The Trousseau tea is a great way of ensuring that no one gets left out of the celebrations.

The wedding ceremony
Traditional Canadian weddings take place in churches. The bride and groom’s wedding parties are known to be large including a best man, maid of honour, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer and flower girl. At the end of the ceremony the officiator will ask if anyone present knows a reason why the groom or bride should not marry. After a moment of silence, the ceremony will continue with the exchanging of rings, pronouncement of husband and wife and the first kiss.

Canadian wedding traditions
Toasts and speeches are important Canadian wedding traditions

The bride and groom roast usually takes place at the wedding reception. This Canadian wedding custom involves the best man, maid of honour, father of the bride and brother of the groom telling funny and often embarrassing stories about the bride and groom. They will then offer their best wishes during a toast given with wine or Canadian pilsner spirits.

Wedding Wheel
The wedding wheel is a well-celebrated part of Canadian wedding traditions. At the reception guests will form two lines either side of the bride and groom. They will then pay money to dance with the bride and groom, which will go towards their honeymoon or their new house.

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